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Gift Guide: Thoughtful Gifts to Help Your Stressed Out Friend Relax. Beat the Heat in Quarantine with These Cooling Products. ***Sarah Archer is a writer based in Philadelphia and the author of Midcentury Christmas: Holiday Fads, Fancies and Fun from 1945–1970 (Countryman Press, 2016). The new Midcentury Christmas: Stocking Stuffer Edition was just published. She's currently at work on a new book about the midcentury American kitchen, which will be on shelves in 2019. Standing at 7.5 feet tall with a 52-inch base diameter, this tree is on the space-saving end of the spectrum but still boasts 1,910 artificial fir branch tips that you can shape to suit your tastes using their memory wire mounting. The frosted limbs are decorated with 1,500 pre-strung lights that operate using a handy foot-controlled on/off switch, and the flocking is truly authentic— this tree will have you feeling like you're waking up at a ski chalet on Christmas morning. HGTV's Dream Home Giveaway: What Would-Be Winners Should Know. Ree's New Line of Holiday Bakeware Is Here. Holiday traditions are fun to pass down, but it's even more beautiful when new ideas come forth to start your Christmas season, especially when it comes to style. While we love the extravagance of over-the-top Christmas trees (whether they smell of pine or can be plugged in) the sweet memories and invitation to festivities can feel like a routine. It might be time to switch up your traditions this year with a modern Christmas tree that will not only excite you, but your family will love. If you're never quite sure what to do with the back of your Christmas tree— it's against the wall, right?— then kick your worries to the curb once and for all. The Lit Slim Indoor Artificial Corner Christmas Holiday Tree With White LED Lights is shaped with a flat backside and nestles perfectly into a corner or up against a wall. Standing at 5 feet tall and 14 inches wide, this tree also comes complete with 100 clear pre-lit LED lights. It's a great way to enjoy the effect of a full tree without sacrificing space. Mark the craziest year with this hysterical Christmas Ornament 2020 that chronicles the most infamous parts of 2020. Featuring a list of things we might actually want to forget about this year, it might actually spark some nostalgia during Christmases down the road. Want to memorialize some of those specific list items— and add some hilarity to your tree? The Toilet Paper Ornament 2020 and Fake Mask Ornament will help you do exactly that. And if you'd rather give things a woodsy spin, the Personalized Engraved Rustic Wood Hanging Decorations make for perfect keepsakes with a funny, homespun touch. If you love the glitz and glamour of Christmas trees but are not a fan of untying yards of tinsel, this gold option does a majority of the work for you!. Here's How to Make the Best Cabbage Soup Recipes for a Healthier Winter. The Wildest Christmas Trees for Adding Some Merriment to Your Holidays. Several years ago—and much to the chagrin of long-time collectors—Radko produced an exclusive line for Target, but the line was limited and the differences between it and the originals were obvious to an expert collector, but many felt it hurt the brand name in the long run. Bald cypress trees grow in the southeastern U.S. region, but the tree has been grown as far north as Milwaukee. Bald cypress is a relative of lofty redwoods and sequoias, which might explain its tall growth pattern. This species can grow on land or in swamps. When grown in or near water, bald cypress trees produce rising roots with tall knees that make for interesting features. The Montezuma varieties of bald cypress trees grow in Mexico and need flooded soil to grow. Bald cypress trees prefer acid soil and lose their foliage for a short time each year. In addition to the extensive Radko open ornament line, many stores have the chance to offer exclusives only available at their store, but these are ornaments available only at a Radko appearance. Over the years Radko has produced numerous licensed ornaments for companies as diverse as Disney, Warner Brothers, and Harley Davidson. In addition to not having to hang lights on it yourself, you'll also be able to turn the tree on from across the room thanks to its remote control that you can use to select eight different light settings. With its ultra-thin lining that makes the branches look even more realistic, this is a high-quality tree to choose if you're looking to infuse your home with the Christmas spirit and you want to go for a more traditional look each year. Just prop it up, adorn it with its lone ornament and wrap the blanket around its base for a heartwarming display you can enjoy all season long. If you're planning to introduce your TEENs to the magic of A Charlie Brown Christmas for the first time this year, this fun-sized fir can make the moment even merrier. By Ana Farrell Last Updated December 14, 2020. Stoecker also loved putting his creativity and know-how to use at home to surprise and delight his TEENren and grandTEENren. In the mid-1960s, he built a space age-style Christmas Tree in his home workshop. This first tree (in retrospect, the original prototype) comprised a series of concentric cardboard rings in graduated sizes, with the smallest at the top and largest at the bottom, each one connected to the next with wire, decorated with bands of fringed tinsel and glass ornaments. Bliss recalls seeing the tree—which was elegantly suspended from the ceiling, and positioned on a base—spin slowly in the lights, watching the shadows play on the wall as the ornaments sparkled. Stoecker was so pleased with this first cardboard tree that he started making new ones every Christmas, testing out new materials like masonite board, and eventually deciding that plexiglas was the best choice. Its translucence allowed light to pass through the tree's entire structure, as though it were made from glass. The trees were different colors each year, and Stoecker kept notebooks to plan each new variation as the holidays approached. Vintage photographs on the Modern Christmas Tree's website show some of the early trees in their full vintage glory. The biggest understatement of 2020 just might be that a lot has happened in 2020. Though not all of it has been easy or fun, it has definitely been different— and memorable. Commemorate the start of this wild decade with ornaments you'll look back on fondly when setting up your tree in the years to come. Can You Have a Pet Raccoon— and Are Raccoons Good Pets?. Traditional evergreens feel so Pacific Northwesty and New Englandy, don't they? If you'd rather bring some of the Southwest's warm-weather fun into your home with a non-tree that's completely unconventional, this Cactus Christmas Tree With Lights and Bowknot is the bedecked and bedazzled faux plant for you. It's made from high-quality, eco-friendly PVC material shaped to look like a fun little saguaro. Complete with decorative ornaments, a bow and 90 pre-installed energy-efficient LED lights, it stands at just over 5 feet tall and makes a great substitute for a traditional tree or a fun holiday add-on. Best of all, it's also pre-lit with 3,000 dazzling LED microdot lights— small bulbs that boast excellent energy efficiency— and comes complete with a remote control and timer. With a 63-inch base diameter and a plug on top for installing a light-up star, angel or other topper, this one is a great choice if you want a long-lasting tree that brings all the joy of Christmas and none of the frustration of untangling endless strands of lights. Love the look of a white Christmas but don't live in the right climate to see a dusting of the good stuff on the ground? With the Starry Light Frasier Fir Flocked LED Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree, you can bring the joy of snow— without the chilly temps or moisture— right into your living room, no matter where you are. Here's a worthwhile investment that can be happily passed down in your family. This charming ornament tree was sculpted to fit into your home without knocking anything down and into any aesthetic. 20 Amazing Gifts for the Best White Elephant Ever. When Did Christmas Trees Become Popular Among Americans?. What Are the Best Tools for Creating My Own Website?. 17 Fresh Subway Tile Ideas for a Cooler Kitchen. Despite the tradition's widespread presence, many people didn't welcome the idea of Christmas trees. The practice of adding lights to trees is commonly attributed to protestant reformer Martin Luther. As he walked home one winter night, Luther was amazed by the stars twinkling amidst the evergreens. When he got home, he recreated the scene with a tree and candles for his family. Sure, a freshly cut Christmas tree smells great— for a few weeks while you're also dealing with the high cost, the hauling home, the dog drinking its water and the eventual crispy fire hazard it becomes. It's nothing against real trees; they are gorgeous, after all. But if you're looking to simplify your Christmas decorating and make things easier on yourself year after year, an artificial tree is really where it's at. Macnab cypress grows in Northern California. Its cones grow around a half-inch in diameter and have hornlike projections. The bark of Macnab cypress often has a purple-colored sheen over the reddish brown bark. Like the Gowen cypress, the Macnab cypress is often grown as a shrub and has light green foliage. Modoc cypress is isolated to a few Oregon and California areas, including the Siskiyou Mountains. It's also sometimes called Siskiyou cypress. Plug in this minimalist white tree to illuminate your home with 500 warm-white LED lights. Standing at 4 feet tall, this is a quick fix if you're still dreaming of a white Christmas. Best Colorful Tree: Full Fir Rainbow Christmas Tree. What Are Some Tips for Helping Students with Math?. If you love the holidays but dislike taking down all your chic decor to make room for it, we've found the best contemporary Christmas trees available to deck your home. No more moving around furniture or feeling uninspired by everything you take down from the attic. We found trees to hang on your wall and a stunning tree to light up during a dinner party—the options below are full of surprises and sure to make this Christmas your most memorable yet. So get ready to dust off your holiday spirit with elegant trees to set your thoughtfully wrapped gifts under. By Staff Writer Last Updated June 24, 2020. If your main requirement is that your tree is an absolute showstopper, you won't need to look any further than this Rainbow Full Fir Christmas Tree Holiday Seasonal Decoration. It doesn't even really need lights or ornaments— it's already so bright and cheerful, and you'd certainly be forgiven for taking the easy way out in decorating by setting this up and calling it a day. The branches of this 7-foot-tall beauty are made from non-flammable and non-allergenic PVC branches featuring the full ROYGBIV spread, and there are more than 1,200 branch tips for total fullness. Complete with a foldable stand, it's guaranteed to delight TEENs and adults alike. Why Is Connect.MyFlorida.com Considered Unsafe for My Browser? Of course, we couldn't leave out a boho choice that serves great as a gift or on your fireplace. Monterey cypress trees are native to California's Monterey Bay area. Coastal winds often misshape Monterey cypress trees and flatten the crowns. The scaly needles of the Monterey cypress are deep bluish-green and the trunk is light gray to dark brown with ridged bark. Arizona cypress grows in the American Southwest and in some parts of Mexico. The plant is a lovely gray-green tree that grows in a pyramidal shape, much like a holiday tree. In fact, Arizona cypress trees are sold as Christmas trees in some locations. The bark turns more fibrous as it ages, giving the trees a weathered look. Photograph by J.C. Buck/Courtesy of Modern Christmas Trees. Architectural Digest may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. Ad Choices. Gift Guide: Glittery Accessories That Will Help Jazz Up Anyone's Christmas Wardrobe. Whether you're interested in saving space or money— or both— this holiday season, the 4-foot version of the Dunhill Fir Artificial Christmas Tree will fill you with joy. With a slim 35-inch base diameter, it offers a great way to bring the Christmas spirit to any space, even a smaller den or the TEENs' bedroom. Photograph by J.C. Buck/Courtesy of Modern Christmas Trees. What Are the Easiest Tricks for Trapping Mice?. Best Cactus Christmas Tree: SAFEPLUS Cactus Christmas Tree With 90 LED Lights and Bowknot. How Many Tickets Are in a Roll of Lottery Tickets?. Every item on this page was hand-picked by a House Beautiful editor. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy. House Beautiful participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Adidas Tracksuit Bottoms Are This Year's Must-Have Athleisure Pants. If portability and accessibility have made field guide books a favorite for centuries, mobile apps that identify leaves, trees and other natural elements take portability to the next level. With the advent of smartphones and other compact mobile devices, you can perform extensive research almost anywhere. With the caveat that devices require electricity at some point to hold a charge, they are abundantly useful for short expeditions and field research close to home. An app can guide users through a step-by-step process that starts by asking where they are located, what type and shape the leaf is, and then it presents several options from which to choose, matching a sample of the leaf in question. These Standing Desks Will Keep You Up & Active All Day Long. By the mid-2000s, Bliss, now 43, was grown up and working in the mortgage industry, and he hadn't seen one of his grandfather's trees in years. He happened upon one of them while helping his grandparents move into a retirement community, and when he asked his grandfather if he could keep it, Stoecker happily gave it to him. His grandmother passed away a few years later, and soon after that, Stoecker was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Bound field guides are the classic go-to source for identifying all kinds of things in nature, including trees. These have long been a useful resource for scientists conducting research as well as travelers and new residents unfamiliar with new terrain. Field guides are typically focused on the most common species and are sometimes targeted to a specific region. They include illustrations that help readers identify the species in question as well as information about where it grows, what conditions it requires to thrive and other useful facts. One of the key benefits of a field guide has historically been portability, as they are relatively compact books, presenting a variety of information in a condensed format..

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